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Sleep, circadian rhythms and fatigue in children with CNS tumors hospitalized for high dose chemotherapy
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UID: 88

Author(s): Valerie E. Rogers*, Belinda Mandrell * Corresponding Author
This study tested a sleep promotion intervention (randomized controlled trial) in children with recently diagnosed central nervous system tumors admitted to the hospital for high dose chemotherapy in preparation for autologous stem cell rescue. We hypothesized that disturbed sleep of hospitalized pediatric oncology patients would be reduced by altering the hospital sleep environment. Therefore, a randomized, attention-controlled sleep intervention was implemented in children and adolescents with central nervous system tumors admitted for 6 days for high dose chemotherapy prior to stem cell transplant. Children and adolescents diagnosed with medulloblastoma or histologically similar tumor, 4 to 19 years and their parent were recruited over 3 years.Questionnaires used to gather the data were: Fatigue Scale-Child, Fatigue Scale-Adolescent, Fatigue Scale-Parent. Data was also obtained using actigraphy.
2008 - 2011
Geographic Coverage
Memphis (Tenn.)
Subject of Study
Subject Domain
Population Age
Child (2 years to 12 years)
Adolescent (13 years to 18 years)
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Micromini Actigraph
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AMI, Action-W version 2.7
AMI, Action4 version 1.16
IBM SPSS Statistics, Version 21
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Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, SPSS