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Biomarkers of Airway Inflammation and Asthma Control in Children with Comorbid Sleep-Disordered Breathing
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UID: 91

Author(s): Valerie E. Rogers*, Mary E. Bollinger, Mohan E. Tulapurkar, Shijun Zhu, Jeffrey D. Hasday, Kevin D. Pereira, Steven M. Scharf * Corresponding Author
A bi‚Äźdirectional relationship exists between asthma and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in which presence of one is associated with increased prevalence and severity of the other. This study was undertaken to determine if OSA accounted for differences in airway and systemic inflammation in asthmatic children and if inflammation was associated with asthma control. 27 non-obese children aged 4-12 years with persistent asthma, with or without OSA, were recruited for the research. Asthma control was measured with the Childhood Asthma Control Test. Participants underwent polysomnography and blood sampling, and those with OSA also underwent clinically indicated adenotonsillectomy. Tonsils and sera were analyzed for 11 cytokines. The dataset includes demographic data, health history, spirometry/polysomnographic measures, and immunoassay values.
2014 - 2017
Subject of Study
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Population Age
Child (2 years to 12 years)
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Free to All
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Available via the Open Science Framework (OSF)
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Equipment Used
Luminex 100 System
Milliplex Human Cytokine Multiplex Immunoassay Kit
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Bio-Plex Software
SPSS, v. 21
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Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, SPSS
Data Collection Instruments
Paediatric Sleep Questionnaire (PSQ)
Childhood Asthma Control Test (cACT)