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Intertwined Epidemics: National Demographic Trends in Hospitalizations for Heroin- and Opioid-Related Overdoses, 1993-2009
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UID: 78

Author(s): George J. Unick*, Daniel Rosenblum, Sarah G. Mars, Daniel Ciccarone * Corresponding Author
This study investigated demographic trends over time in the use of prescription opioids versus heroin among addicted individuals. ICD9 codes associated with hospitalizations for overdoses from either prescription opioids (POD) or heroin (HOD) were harvested from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) for the years 1993 through 2009, inclusive. Population data were taken from U.S. Census statistics. Demographic specific rates of POD and HOD hospital admissions were analyzed to determine if fluctuations in the dynamics of one form of opiate, such as supply-based reduction, are correlated with changes in the rates of overdoses of the other. Dataset includes statistical and demographic data.
1993 - 2009
Geographic Coverage
United States
Subject of Study
Subject Domain
Population Age
Adult (19 years to 64 years)
Subject Gender
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Please contact Dr. George J. Unick
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Software Used
SAS 9.2
SAS Proc Means
SAS Proc Reg
SAS Proc Surveyfreq
Stata 12
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Grant Support
R01DA2759/National Institute on Drug Abuse