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Nanomagnetic-Mediated Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Dental Disease
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UID: 55

Author(s): Radi Masri* * Corresponding Author
This research tested the efficacy of utilizing nanoparticles, external magnetic forces, and dentinal tubules as conduits for delivering therapeutic agents to dental pulp. Moderate-size cavities were created in the dentin of rat mandibular molars and treated via the use of external magnetic forces to actively transport prednisolone-eluting magnetic nanoparticles to tooth pulp. Control groups included untreated teeth and teeth treated without magnetic pull. Expression of 4 cytokines were assessed at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 months. Additionally, the delivery system was investigated for use in actively guiding resin adhesives and the effect on shear bond strength on freshly extracted human molars. Dataset includes cytokine expression analysis and histological data.
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