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Stigmatizing Experiences of Parents of Children with a New Diagnosis of ADHD
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UID: 36

Author(s): Susan dosReis*, Crystal L. Barksdale, Andrea Sherman, Kate Maloney, Alice Charach * Corresponding Author
This dataset is the result of continued analysis of data collected from qualified, semistructured telephone interviews of 48 caregivers of newly diagnosed children. The initial evaluation of interview results focused on their early views of ADHD treatment and the decision to initiate and continue medication for their child (see “Related Datasets” below”). This study concentrated on how caregivers and their children experience mental health stigma. Responses were classified into 6 categories: a) concerns with labeling, b) feelings of social isolation and rejection, c) perceptions of a dismissive society, d) influence of negative public views, e) exposure to negative media and, f) mistrust of medical assessments. The dataset includes demographic, family history of psychiatric illness, comorbid diagnoses, characteristics associated with stigmatizing experiences, and transcripts of initial, 6, and 12 month follow-up interviews.
2003 - 2006
Subject of Study
Subject Domain
Population Age
Adult (19 years to 64 years)
Child (2 years to 12 years)
Adolescent (13 years to 18 years)
Subject Gender