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Dopamine in the dorsal bed nucleus of stria terminalis signals Pavlovian sign-tracking and reward violations
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Author(s): Utsav Gyawali*, David A. Martin, Fangmiao Sun, Yulong Li, Donna Calu* * Corresponding Author
Fiber optics were implanted into the dorsal bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (dBNST) of 8-week-old male and female Sprague Dawley rats. Dopamine activity was measured using GRABda signals in the dBNST during a series of behavioral experiments. Experiments includes a Pavlovian lever autoshaping (PLA) training, a reward prediction error (RPE) probe session, and a satiety test. Rats were injected with fentanyl prior to the PLA session.
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Accession #: 10.5281/ zenodo.7947009

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The data used in this manuscript are available on Zenodo.
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DenMat Cement Catalyst
DenMat Dental Cement
Doric Fiber optic patchcord
Doric Fluorescence Minicube
Leica Microsystems cryostat
Med Associates sound-attenuating cabinets
Metabond catalyst
Metabond powder
Metabond quick base
Newport photoreceiver
Test Diet sucrose pellets
ThorLabs fiber optical cannula
ThorLabs LED Driver
ThorLabs LEDs
Vectashield mounting medium
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GraphPad Prism
IBM SPSS Statistics, Version 21
Microsoft Excel
Synapse software suite
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Pavlovian Conditioned Approach score
Pavlovian lever autoshaping
Reward prediction error
chow satiety test
pellet satiety test
Analysis of variance
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