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Complete mitochondrial genome of the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis
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Author(s): Joseph J. Gillespie*, Victoria I. Verhoeve, Mariah L. Plumer, Timothy P. Driscoll, Kevin R. Macaluso, Abdu F. Azad * Corresponding Author
With over 2,500 identified species across the globe, fleas are notorious veterinary pests and vectors of pathogens, including Rickettsia typhi (murine typhus), R. felis (murine typhus-like illness), Bartonella henselae (cat-scratch disease), and myxoma virus (Myxomatosis). Speciation of fleas is reliant on distinguishing morphological features; however, studies have also used certain mitochondrial genes for systematic analyses. This dataset is comprised of the C. felis mitochondrial genome, a novel resource for comparative genomics of fleas and other insects. The genome (Genbank accession number: MT594468) encodes the full repertoire of 37 genes, including 22 tRNAs, 13 protein coding genes, and 2 rRNAs with the conserved synteny observed in those of other Siphonaptera mitogenomes and the general insect mitochondrial gene order.
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Ctenocephalides felis isolate EL2017-DRISC mitochondrion, complete genome

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