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Control of Glucose Metabolism is Important in Tenogenic Differentiation of Progenitors Derived From Human Injured Tendons
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Author(s): Soutarou Izumi, Satoru Otsuru, Nobuo Adachi, Ngozi Akabudike*, Motomi Enomoto-Iwamoto* * Corresponding Author
Glucose metabolism is altered in injured and healing tendons. However, the mechanism by which it is involved in the pathogenesis of the tendon healing process remains unclear. Injured tendons do not completely heal and often induce fibrous scar and chondroid lesion. Connective tissue progenitor cells appear in injured tendons and can contribute to healing and chondroid degeneration. Using metabolomic analysis, this study investigated the role of progenitors in glycolysis with regard to chondrogenic and tenogenic differentiation in the tendon healing process. Progenitor cells were isolated from 2 human injured Achilles and 5 human injured flexor tendons, cultured, and used for 13-C glucose metabolic analysis (flexor) and 2-deoxy-D-glucose analysis (2DG) (Achilles). This dataset is comprised of multiple graphical representations and images associated with: characterization of human injured tendon progenitor cells (hITPC), expression of tendon related genes via qPCR, flux of [1,2-13C] glucose to glycolysis, pentose phosphate and lactate synthesis pathways, flux of [1,2-13C] glucose to tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA) and amino acids derived from TCA cycle intermediates, inhibition of chondrogenic differentiation by 2DG, and stimulation of MKX gene expression by 2DG.
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BZX710 Fluorescence Biological Microscope
Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Multi-Color Flow Kit
LSR II flow cytometer
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Empirical Research
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1427/American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand
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Expression of stem cell markers in hITPCs

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The amounts of amino acids in the medium of the hITPC monolayer or micromass culture

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The effects of 2DG on hITPCs cultured in low glucose medium