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  • Amish Complex Genetic Disease Database
    UMB Dataset


    The Amish Research Group of the University of Maryland School of Medicine has been studying the Old Order Amish population in Lancaster County, PA, since 1993. This database currently consists of health-related data on over 7,000 adults resulting from studies ranging from population and basic science to clinical and translational research. Areas of investigation include: Cardiovascular Risk, Diabetes, Bone Health, Blood Pressure, Vascular Imaging, Aging, Breast Tissue Density, Platelet Aggregation, Microbiome, Wellness, and Brain Imaging. Extensive genetic data (genotyping and sequencing) is also available.

    Ethnic Groups/genetics
    Genetics, Population
    Health Status Indicators
    Geographic Coverage
    Access Rights
    Access granted on an individual basis dependent upon request and consent considerations
    Local Experts
    Alan R. Shuldiner
    Braxton C. Mitchell