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  • Analysis of Rickettsia typhi-Infected and Uninfected Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis) Midgut cDNA Libraries: Deciphering Molecular Pathways Involved in Host Response to R. typhi Infection
    UMB Dataset

    Abdu F. Azad
    Sheila M. Dreher-Lesnick
    Shane M. Ceraul
    Sky C. Lesnick
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    Murine typhus is a febrile disease caused by the bacterium, Rickettsia typhi (R. typhi), and transmitted via infected fleas. This study investigated midgut responses of infected versus uninfected cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) by constructing cDNA libraries and examining transcript levels. Select C. felis serine proteases, GTPases and defense response genes were compared to identify differences in gene expression between the two states of infection. A total of 1152 transcripts from both libraries were sequenced, generating 906 high quality sequences, 472 from the uninfected and 434 from the infected midgut library.

    Gene Expression Profiling
    Rickettsia typhi
    Transcription, Genetic
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